Pros and Cons of Blogging

Pros and cons of blogging. Advertisements

Lessons To Learn From Taylor Swift

I love Taylor Swift an incredible amount and I really always have done. I think she’s a great role model (if you believe in that sort of thing) and I think she’s a… Continue reading

YouTube Happiness

When I’m in need of a bit of cheering up one of the first places I go is YouTube. There’s nothing like watching people making idiots of themselves to make you feel a… Continue reading

Tips: Growing Long Hair

My hair at the moment sits just above my shoulders, but until the start of February it fell to my waist. I’ve had long-ish hair since I was 11 years old, missing out… Continue reading

Harry Potter Tag

I saw that today is the 17th anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts, and since I haven’t done a tag in a while I thought that this was the perfect time to do… Continue reading

Top 3 Revision Tips

I left sixth form last June (I think, oh my God that was a long time ago) and I’m starting university in September so I’ve done my fair share of revision (and I’m… Continue reading

Voting’s Actually Really Important

The General Election is super soon, in less than a week on May 7th. As a girl especially, I am incredibly grateful that I have the right to vote, and I know that… Continue reading

Adopting Animals

For the last 2 months there’s been a stray cat by our house, who used to be owned by someone who lived on my road. The person moved, but the cat managed to… Continue reading

April 2015 Favourites

1. The Island. I’ve been watching episodes of The Island with Bear Grylls one after another because it’s just so God damn addictive. Bear Grylls basically sends a group of girls to live… Continue reading

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